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Rice Recipes

Rice, the best thing after sliced bread!!! Looking for simple rice recipes for dinner? I have got you covered with these easy rice recipes from, shrimp fried rice to the popular Nigerian Jollof rice to Coconut rice, simple white rice or Nigerian fried rice and chicken. These rice dishes can be served with any protein of choice. Which of these rice recipes will you be trying first?

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Vegetarian Jollof Rice


I was cooking noodles for my lil one the other day and immediately she saw me bringing out the peas from the freezer, she went ‘no mummy I don’t want it in my noodles’! I thought she was joking and well, as a mother I told her she is so eating it. My lil one insisted and stuck to her guns ‘mummy please I don’t want it’.

easy coconut chicken curry served with rice.
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Easy Coconut Chicken Curry


I’m all very excited, as my little one would be starting school this week. It is amazing how quickly they grow. I have promised her I won’t cry the day I drop her off at school, I’m all emotional typing this now. My little fighter ready to face the world all on her own. To all first time parents sending their little ones to school this month,

iwuk edesi recipe
Rice Recipes

Palm Oil Rice (Iwuk Edesi)


I have just had an eventful 48 hours; 3 hours of it was me dancing away my sorrows like I have no worries in the world and the last 24 hours of that time was me thinking about how dubious and rude some people can be. The bottom line of the last 24hours for me is to beware of people one opens his/her doors to and if you are going to leave your keys with them, 

Rice Recipes

Easy Coconut Rice


Hello folks, how is your weekend going? Last Sunday was father’s day and I thought of what to cook apart from our usuals at home. I seldom cook this type of coconut rice but when I do, I always make sure I hit it on the head. When you cook coconut rice, you don’t want to be messing about with spices.