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Beans Recipes

Looking for simple beans recipes? Here you will find easy and delicious Nigerian beans recipe that is healthy and perfect for any day and occasion.  There is something here for everyone from the popular Nigerian Akara to the family favourites MoiMoi to Nigerian ewa riro, you can never go wrong with any of these simple and amazing recipes. Also, I have got you covered on how to peel it with a blender. Many shy away from eating Moimoi and Akara because of how tedious they find the process of peeling, not anymore, as there is a video recipe to guide you. These recipes are so good you would forget about your favourite rice dishes.

image of moi moi on a plate
Beans Recipes

How to peel beans with blender


Every (or should I majority) Nigerian household at weekend look forward to having beans based breakfast but many find peeling beans the traditional way daunting. Here is a quick video procedure on how to peel beans with a blender. This blender method works well with brown beans as well   […]

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Beans Recipes

Deluxe Beans Porridge

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My love for beans these days has been indescribable; I can afford to eat beans now as much as I eat rice.  This recipe is what I call deluxe Nigerian stewed beans porridge, it is amazing and very easy to cook. nigerians tend to cook more of brown beans than black eyed beans when cooking jollof beans,

bowl of cooked grains and pulse
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Easy Coconut Rice and Beans

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Rice and beans is a popular meal combination eaten in Nigeria; it is also popular in some part of West Africa too. I know of the Ghana waakye and the Hausa’s of the Northern part of Nigeria also have their own way of cooking it likewise. Rice and beans is a very tasty, hearty and easy meal to make.

ewa agoyin recipe
Beans Recipes

Ewa Aganyin Dip


I had always wanted to make a recipe for super bowl on the here but I never got round to doing it last year because I know how to procrastinate a lot (I am not proud of that tho) This year I said to myself you must do it and here I am presenting you with this super easy ewa agoyin dip for super bowl appetizer. 

Beans Recipes

3 bean chilli (Stewed beans)


Ok, this recipe is an Oyinbo food but I can vouch for it to be on the menu in every household no matter where you come from. This yummy, stress-free food is called bean chilli and it is mostly eaten with rice, taco and all the likes. I was inspired to cook this hearty meal

ewa agayin recipe
Beans Recipes

Ewa Agoyin Sauce


Don’t say it yet, I know I’ve just recently blogged about ewa aganyin but I did promise the last time that I would update the recipe as soon as I lay my hands on one of the missing core ingredients. Anyway what’s not to like about ewa aganyin, I call it Nigerian shito (Ghana sauce).  Also, allow me to brag about some of my friends, yes I have got some cool ones.

Nigerian Moin Moin (moi moi) served with akamu and evaporated milk
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Moi Moi (Moin Moin)


Moi moi also called moin moin is another popular food eaten in Nigeria. It is made by blending peeled bean, adding fillings of choice and then steaming it. Originally, moi moi is cooked in leaves but in the present day, there has been a lot of improvisation. Moi moi Leaf is hard to come by where I live, so most of the time I cook my moi moi in nylon, foil paper, plastic