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Nigerian soup recipes

Nigerian Soup RecipesA Complete Guide About Nigerian Soup Recipes. Nigerian Soups are the special sauces that include major Nigerian Foods known as Fufu. People living in Nigeria really like Fufu. They at-least have one Fufu meal in a day, Hence soups are essential part of Nigerian Food Recipes. All Nigerian Soups are mostly served with Eba (Garri), Amala, Semolina, Tuwo Shinkafa, Pounded Yam.

If you are looking for delicious Easy Nigerian Vegetables recipes , you are in the right place. Don’t worry about what to cook because My Active Kitchen has more than 30+ Recipes. You can choose your favorite one from them. You can also find the list of Nigerian Vegetables Food Recipes so that you can choose your favorite food recipes to try.  If you want to learn how to cook Nigerian vegetable soup like Efo riroegusi soup and Nigerian beef stew  then follow me on my website. These soups can be used with almost everything.

Nigerian Recipes Nigerian soup recipes

Nigerian Assorted Meat Pepper Soup


The weather around here is not the type one can ask for right now. It is so windy that if you are not careful and you lose your balance, you may find yourself in the next street. I was home today and I couldn’t think of what to cook in this confused weather, I was thinking something quick and spicy. I checked my freezer for what to cook and yes! Pepper soup called to me

efo riro in a bowl.
Nigerian Recipes Nigerian soup recipes

How to Make Efo Riro


My friend sent me a picture of what he was cooking some couple of days ago, and for a minute, I found myself asking 100 questions from is that efo tete, to are you sure it’s the real thing and,  where did you get it from? How much did you pay for it? Anyways at the end of my questions, I just told him, 

ila asepo recipe
Nigerian soup recipes Okra Dishes

Ila Alasepo


It is no news that I love okra soup either plain or as ila alasepo like it’s called in my language, in fact, I cook okra/ila alasepo at least once a week and it is always in my freezer. This effortless ila alasepo is one of my favourites and it […]