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Nigerian soup recipes

Nigerian Soup RecipesA Complete Guide About Nigerian Soup Recipes. Nigerian Soups are the special sauces that include major Nigerian Foods known as Fufu. People living in Nigeria really like Fufu. They at-least have one Fufu meal in a day, Hence soups are essential part of Nigerian Food Recipes. All Nigerian Soups are mostly served with Eba (Garri), Amala, Semolina, Tuwo Shinkafa, Pounded Yam.

If you are looking for delicious Easy Nigerian Vegetables recipes , you are in the right place. Don’t worry about what to cook because My Active Kitchen has more than 30+ Recipes. You can choose your favorite one from them. You can also find the list of Nigerian Vegetables Food Recipes so that you can choose your favorite food recipes to try.  If you want to learn how to cook Nigerian vegetable soup like Efo riroegusi soup and Nigerian beef stew  then follow me on my website. These soups can be used with almost everything.

ila asepo recipe
Nigerian soup recipes Okra Dishes

Ila Alasepo


It is no news that I love okra soup either plain or as ila alasepo like it’s called in my language, in fact, I cook okra/ila alasepo at least once a week and it is always in my freezer. This effortless ila alasepo is one of my favourites and it […]

ofe nsala soup
Nigerian soup recipes Yam Recipes

Afia Efere (White soup)


My first experience of afia efere (white soup) was at my uncles wedding some few years ago and boy did I enjoy it? I loved every bit of it. Everyone wanted to have a taste of the afia efere also called whte soup at the engagement party, it was a hit. I asked my sister in-law for the recipe and she was really happy to share it with me.

obe gbure elegusi
Nigerian Recipes Nigerian soup Nigerian soup recipes

Obe Gbure Elegusi


I was on the phone to my mum and our conversation soon turned to food. My sister cooked obe gbure elegusi some years back and it’s still the best gbure soup I have had till date. TBH, I have not been able to beat it. There is something about the soup that have never stopped me talking about it, the taste was out of this world, it was amazing. 

Nigerian Egusi soup Nigerian soup Nigerian soup recipes

Egusi Ijebu


Eweso omo Alare, This is one of the easiest Yoruba local soup you can ever cook. Egusi Ijebu as the name implies is from Ijebu and it is very popular too. Le bae is from Ijebu but we hardly cook this soup but the days he feels nostalgic, I have got to get myself in the kitchen and make the soup. This time around I got a bit of help from him especially when my egusi soup started clumping.

image of ofe akwu with pounded yam
Nigerian soup Nigerian soup recipes

Ofe Akwu


I thought I love banga soup (Niger-Delta style) until I tried Ofe Akwu (Ibo style) and God I have been hooked since then. Ofe Akwu is versatile, affordable and easy to cook. I’m yet to try abak atama soup, basically because of the Adrian fruit (Uyayak). I have a thing for that fruit and I always say to myself It will never go into my soups but hey! never say never.