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spinach smoothie in two glasses.
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Simple Spinach Smoothie


Here is a little healthy treat for all to end this beautiful week. I call this smoothie my energizer. It gives you energy, help you lose weight; keeps you healthy, you will still have your fruit a day and it is also high in fibre. I substitute my breakfast with smoothie sometimes and it is always filling.

Vanilla coffee creamer in a milk bottle and little mason jar.
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Homemade Vanilla Coffee Creamer

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This homemade vanilla coffee creamer will totally make your morning better. It is ridiculously easy and super quick to make. The best part is it only requires 3 ingredients. Yes, just 3 kitchen staple ingredients to make this classic french vanilla coffee creamer. This easy homemade french vanilla coffee creamer […]

3 glasses filled with watermelon lemonade.

Watermelon Lemonade


This watermelon lemonade is delicious and refreshing. It is a perfect summer and party drink for both adults and children. I posted a picture of chopped watermelon on my Instagram and asked my followers to guess what I would be making with it. The incentive was that the winner would […]

drinks healthy Smoothie Recipes

Banana and Strawberry Smoothie


Today my lovelies, I’ll be sharing this simple and amazing classic smoothie recipe; the banana and strawberry smoothie. Growing up, I had a lot of banana smoothies and sometimes if I needed to jazz it up, I just added peanut butter. Back then I never saw it as being a healthy choice; I just saw it as another way to enjoy eating banana. 

how to make iced coffee
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Best Homemade Iced Coffee


My first iced coffee was given to me by my Aunt and it was divine! I can never forget the heavenly taste, In fact that was what made me fall in love with the Douwe Egbert coffee brand. If you have been buying coffee from cafes or have been making yours hot, I bet you would be converted to my homemade iced coffee. 

mango lemonade in a glass cup.
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Mango Lemonade


Please tell me to stop bragging about the weather here in Manchester, Oh My God! The past week has been so good and warm. Manchester is known for unfair weather, especially incessant rainfall. If you are planning a day out here, you have to think again and hope it doesn’t rain. I remember Carlos Tevez severally moaning about the weather too

overhead shot of hibiscus (sorrel) drink
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Zobo Drink


The weather is getting warmer and better by the day and I really wish it stays this way. Lawd! I can’t deal with the cold weather. Last weekend, the weather was very fair to us and I decided to grace it by making a very popular drink I grew up having back in Nigeria, Zobo. Zobo is a dried type of leaf and it is also called hibiscus leaf or sorrel and it can be easily sourced from the market.

drinks Smoothie Recipes

Mango Lassi…


Don’t let your mango go to waste now that it is in season. Mango lassi is one of the many ways you can enjoy mango other than just eating it. It is served as dessert/drink in India and Bangladesh. It can either be served as a savoury or sweet drink. You can jazz it up with honey and spices if you want.

detox recipe

Lemon Mix Detox


Happy new year everyone, I pray this year brings peace and happiness to us all. It is very important we start the New Year right, hence this amazing lemon mix recipe. It is good and refreshing but I recommend taking it in the morning as it helps the digestive system. This mix can serve as palette cleanser and it also has its own health benefit.