Nigerian unripe plantain porridge recipe
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Unripe Plantain Porridge

Unripe plantain porridge is a delicious one-pot plantain recipe, very easy to make and super tasty. A great alternative to Asaro (yam porridge) Alright, honestly this is the best and the easiest unripe plantain porridge you would ever make. It’s sooo good and you can make it under half an […]

plantain salad recipe
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Plantain salad and Spicy Avocado Dressing

A lovely reader of mine left a comment on one of my posts sometime ago and she mentioned she’s vegan. I was really amazed and happy that the blog is for everyone and some of the recipes are easily adaptable to any dietary need. I made some plantain salad (bole salad) with spicy avocado dressing after I purchased “lean in Nigeria” ebook from

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Plantain Moi Moi

Are you still letting the bin enjoy the goodness of your over ripe plantain? Well, I have got good news for you. As long as your plantain is not rotten, you can make yourself this lovely plantain pudding also known as epiti or ukpo ogede.  If you love eating moi moi (moin moin) then this is another lovely recipe for you to try out in your kitchen. 

nigerian plantain chips
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Homemade Plantain Chips and Salsa

Weekends, well if you are not at work means relaxation and fun. It is the time for parties, running errands you couldn’t get to do during the week and most importantly, spending quality time with the family. Plantain chips also known as ipekere is one tasty snack to help relax on a hot/cold afternoon with some chilled drinks.

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Fried yam (Dundun) and fried sauce

Is it safe to call myself a food blogger or am I still getting there? One thing I noticed since I started food blogging is that I want everything to be perfect. I don’t want to plate like I’m serving in a cafeteria but like I’m being watched and my customers are paying a lot to see my food pictures as well as my recipes. I made this fried yam recently and it was almost perfect until I got a phone call from someone


Plantain Fufu

Plantain is one of the good carbs you can eat and get away with. Not only is it a good source of energy and starch, it also aids bowel movement. It has lots of minerals and it is a good source of vitamins A, C, B6 etc. I learnt more about plantain fufu when I was on a year programme of the National Youth Service Corp in Kano

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Homemade Dodo Ikire

Dodo Ikire is very easy to make, it is sweet, squidgy and also brings back lovely childhood memories.  The best part of it for me that makes it different from any other street snacks is the way it’s packaged in a pointed-like wrapping and every bite of the snack you take you’ll wish it lasts forever.

image of fish stir fry and roasted plantain
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Fish Stir Fry (Ownyee’s Island)

I’m sorry I have been missing in action. To say I was feeling under the weather is an understatement. I have been down with the flu virus for over a month. lol Well I’m back now and better. Compliments of the season to you all, this Christmas season I planned to post super easy recipes that can complement our xmas turkey and chicken. Today I’ll be sharing a plantain recipe.