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Yam Recipes

Yam is a popular food staple in every Nigerian home. Yam recipes are featured any time of the day on the menu, boiled yam and egg sauce is popularly eaten as breakfast. Yam can be eaten fried, boiled and pounded. Here you will find delicious yam recipes you can add to your recipe tin. From yam porridge to fried yam to beans porridge (beans cooked with plantain and yam)

yam porridge and peppered beef served in a white bowl.
Nigerian Recipes, Yam Recipes

Yam porridge (Asaro)


I got hubby cooking one of his speciality meal recently and I must give it to him, he doesn’t mess about when it comes to cooking yam porridge (Asaro). To be honest, I hardly cook it because why bother when you have a man-chef. Lol. We both have different ways of cooking yam porridge and while he was cooking this recently, 

Yam Recipes

Yam Balls -Stuffed Yam Balls


Yam ball is another homemade and street snacks loved by Nigerians, it is also very popular in Ghana and other parts of Africa too. It is delicious and makes perfect snacks for any time of the day. Fluffy mashed yam moulded into balls with other deliciousness and covered in breadcrumbs […]

ofe nsala soup
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Afia Efere (White soup)


My first experience of afia efere (white soup) was at my uncles wedding some few years ago and boy did I enjoy it? I loved every bit of it. Everyone wanted to have a taste of the afia efere also called whte soup at the engagement party, it was a hit. I asked my sister in-law for the recipe and she was really happy to share it with me.

coconut yam porridge
Yam Recipes

Coconut Yam Porridge (Yam pottage)


I love yam porridge or yam pottage as it’s called in Nigeria but you all know that I don’t cook it all the time as I leave that for hubby to do. He does it better in my opinion and he’s never had a bad day with it before. This time, I did try to cook it myself with a twist and minimal ingredients and it turned out amazingly well. I must confess my love and attachment to coconut milk now. 

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Ugwu Omelette and Yam Toasties


I met this lovely lady recently, we started talking….she checked my blog and said right; you have to start posting recipes for ‘healthy eating fanatics’ like her. She said her husband’s dietary needs made her change her eating habit/culture and she’s now hooked to eating right. She told me about her ugwu omelette,

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Ponmo Salad


I know what you are thinking, really? Ponmo salad? Why not! If you eat potato, fish, beef and chicken salad then ponmo salad shouldn’t sound weird to you at all. Ponmo (cow skin) is well loved by all; it is affordable and has been nourishing lives since 1800. Lol. This simple recipe is another twist to Nigerian salad.