Nigerian Recipes

My Go To 10 Nigerian Recipes


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Top 10 delicious Nigerian recipes I love this year. These recipes are not only easy to make, but they are also quick too.

how to cook nigerian coconut fried rice

My Go To 10 Nigerian Recipes

2015 has been a great year for me and I am eternally thankful to God and all of you my precious beautiful readers. I came across a post from Lindsay of pinch of yum some days back and that gave birth to this post. I have so many Nigerian recipes on the blog but the truth is I rarely make most of them except on special occasions.

Apart from the usual Jollof rice and Fried rice which I cook almost every other week and Buka stew which always graces the table every week, here is the list of the meals I cook on regular basis. These Nigerian recipes also had the most page views to date and I am grateful for that.

Thanks for being part of my 2015, it has been a fruitful and yummy year. So here is to a greater, stronger and better 2016.

Nigerian Recipes


1. Egusi Pepper Soup:

This is usually made on a cold evening that I want to eat pepper soup and swallow at the same time. This Egusi pepper soup always serves as a good 2 in 1 meal, spicy and full of flavour. Egusi pepper soup is a very popular Nigerian recipe best eaten with pounded yam or eba.


2.Nigerian-style meatballs:

For the night I want something fancy and quick to make. This is another Nigerian recipe I make all the time.

Nigerian recipe dodo ikire.

3.Dodo Ikire:

I never throw out my overripe plantain, if I am not making plantain bites or plantain moi moi, it is always my precious dodo Ikire. It may not be coming out of a funnel as it is made in Ikire, it sure tastes the same if not better in my opinion.

Nigerian recipe: bread and fish roll.

4. Crunchy Bread and Fish roll:

It is very easy to make and saves a lot of time when you don’t know how to make shortcrust pastry. I don’t joke with my bread fish roll.

ugwu omelette nigerian style omelette.

5. Ugwu Omelette and Yam toastie:

A kind acquaintance told me about her ugwu omelette and its come to stay as part of my healthy meals. Yam toastie was my idea and it helps me with portion control too as I don’t have to eat much before I get full. Surprisingly, people received this recipe well and still search for it in search engines. I am still overwhelmed by this. Thank you to everyone that tried this recipe.


6. Coconut Fried Rice:

I love anything coconut and fried rice and so I paired them together every time I have the chance to and I need a refreshing taste to my normal fried. Its always a hit trust me.


7. Easy Homemade Agege Bread:

One of the best thing that happened to my active kitchen in 2015. Thank you all for trusting and trying out this easy homemade Agege style bread recipe


8. Stock Fish Ila Alasepo:

I treat myself to this Ila alasepo once in a while as we all know stockfish is gold and a bit expensive but hey, life is too short to worry about the price of panla. This is one Nigerian recipe you want to keep forever if you love okra soup


9. Le Bae Chicken Sharwama: (Nigerian Recipe)

This is hubby’s speciality and we have this sometimes on Fridays

how to make nigerian puff puff

10. Puff Puff:

what can separate me from the love of puff puff? I eat this all the time, Lord help me as I need to stop now. lol

Thank you all for a yummy and memorable 2015. do have a great 2016! x

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  1. 5 stars
    Thank You. That was helpful. I was actually looking for deep fried meatballs recipe. Can same recipe be deep fried? I have a contract for small chops and meatballs I one of it. I can’t add the boiled meatballs in same plate with Samosa, springrolls and puff puff. What do i do please?. Thank You. Grace.

    • Hello Grace, I am glad you found the post helpful. Yes you can deep fry the meatballs but you have to keep them small in size and make sure they are cooked thoroughly. I am also sure you can add a well baked meatball into your small chops pack


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